Thursday, July 29, 2010


What makes us human? Is it the blood running through our veins? Maybe. Is it what we look like or how our bodies work so perfectly in a world of such chaos? Perhaps. Or at least that is a small part of what makes us human. But if you think of that question and give more than just a surface level answer then I think you can find a connection to God unlike anything else in this world. We are his creation. Every beat of our heart speaks to the rhythm of what his hands can create. Every sight that we see and process in our brains is an image of inspiration that magnifies the glory of an all powerful God. Every step that we take, every word that we say, and every breathe that we breath all give evidence of our God.

But is being a human being more than just sharing the same DNA as that of other humans? Or does it go so much deeper into our souls that the only thing that really makes us human is our dependency on God’s goodness? Hmmm. If we depend only on God, and God is good, then everything in this world should be a result of that perfect humanity that God created.

But wait, Drew. We don’t live in such a paradise? You mean things aren’t perfect? So if we have an omnipresent, omnipotent God that is perfect and holy in every way how can there possibly be evil in this world? If God is so good and glorious then why is there suffering? Why is there death? Why is there pain, grief, loneliness, guilt, and sorrow? Hmmm.

If all things are possible with God, then why didn’t he create a world without sin?

Well....He did. Remember Genesis chapters 1 & 2 where God created everything around us, including humanity in general, and he repeatedly said, “And it was good”? Well if you don’t, go back and look! God did create a perfect world where sin did not exist and where humanity lived in the harmonious state that it was intended to be lived in. But somewhere along the way we messed it up. God did not give up on humanity, humanity gave up on God by putting our dependence on something other than Him.

When you live in the world that we live in, it is so easy to lose hope and faith in God. The world we live in is very broken and distorted compared to the world that God always wanted us to live in. But remember this: Evil’s source is not of God’s power but of man’s freedom.

God gave us free will. It is a part of who we are and of our humanity. Without it we wouldn’t be able to love, have happiness, or worship. Without the freedom of free will, we wouldn’t be humans. We would be nothing more than robots that lived according to a biological code within ourselves.

Yes, God created everything, and yes there is evil in the world. But God did not create evil because evil is not a “thing”. A gun isn’t evil. A sword isn’t evil. They are nothing more than a construction and manipulation of various materials to perform a certain task. But what is evil is man throwing his humanity aside and abusing his freedom by performing a selfish and inhumane act. Nothing about that situation has anything to do with an all powerful and good God. That has everything to do with someone who has alienated themselves into another species by disobeying the order in which God created each and every one of us.

God created us as good and perfect creatures. When we stray away from that we stray away from our humanity. We stray away from what we were created to be. God never wanted us to feel pain, or suffering, or guilt. But because of our own selfishness (as a human race) this is now the world we live it.

The conclusion that I want to draw out of this is that we can no longer blame God for the evil things in this world. That is the most cowardly and foolish thing we can do. What we can do is take responsibility for our own short comings, seek out God’s forgiveness, and do whatever we possibly can to share that message with others.

I know this seems like a very depressing and I apologize. I am not saying that if we sin then God is going to do something bad to us. That is the opposite of the point that I am trying to make. I have just felt convicted lately to stand up for God against those who want take the easy way out and blame him, and even more so deny him, because of the evil things that we see in the world. God has some really big shoulders and can handle all of our doubts and questions that we have. In fact, I think that is when we grow most. But if you are doubting God because of the evil in this world, remember that evil isn’t something of God’s own heart or his goodness. And also remember that his grace covers all who seek it.

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  2. Hey Drew,

    Great post!! I think its sweet how you put it all together. keep up the good work friend:).

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